Week 1

Im going to say right from the start that these keyboards are weird and i dont know how to use apostrophes or anything…

The first week went by really fast. Youre so busy just doing so many things that you dont have time to think about anything other than learning the language and how to teach in Spanish. Its pretty amazing. i have learned more Spanish in this one week here than i did in the six years i had in high school and junior high. Theres only my class or the latino class that only get two weeks so im staying in this one haha. i think im the best one though 😉 we are gonna go place book of mormons here pretty soon and talk to real people. The spirit is definitely strong here and ive been able to feel it quite a bit already. My roommates (district) are amazing. We have all already grown so close and we know each others strengths and weaknesses and how to teach effectively with each other. The first night one of the elders fell off the top bunk and hit his head. He started shaking and so the rest of us decided to give him a blessing. Mid blessing he stopped shaking completely and has been perfectly fine ever since. The food here is actually super good and i look forward to every single meal. They definitely dont let you go hungry in this place. Some people say the MTC sucks but I love it!

Love, Elder Gorze


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