Week 5: Final Week in the CCM

Well this is it! Last P-day before I get into the field. To be honest time has just flown, I still remember my first day here at the CCM and how I had no idea what I was doing. now I still have no idea what I’m doing but at least I know why I’m doing it. Just thinking about going into the field can be a little bit scary but I know that the Lord will be with me throughout the entire experience. I dont know where all the time went but I do know that I’m going to miss my district a ton, they are all amazing people and they have really helped me in strengthening my testimony of missionary work and they have helped me to become a better teacher and helped me to learn how to better teach by the spirit. I’m so grateful for this mission opportunity and I know its going to fly so I’m just going to work as hard as I can and bring as many people unto christ as I can. I remember what chase told me at the airport and I’ll never forget it. There’s no better feeling than looking back on your mission when its all said and done and knowing that you gave it your all. I am not going to have any regrets, I’m going to be the best missionary that the Lord knows I can be!


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