Week 7

Well im here haha. It´s been a pretty crazy week. The mission is a little… Different than i expected, it´s a lot harder to understand everybody but im slowly learning. As of right now i dont teach a ton in the lessons because i have no idea what they´re saying when they ask questions but i probably do 25 percent of all of the lesson. it is super hot here and it is also pretty poor. the people here are super friendly (most of them anyway) and the food is awesome! i dont know if you´ve gotten any of the pictures that i´ve sent but i sent some from the CCM and from my apartment. my trainer´s name is Elder Lugo, he speaks so clearly and slowly that i can understand everything that he says! he also only speaks spanish so im going to learn one way or another. the houses are small and a lot of people here are religious… unfortunately most are either catholic or evangalist. whenever we are contacting the people will listen but for the most part they dont really want to hear our message. we have only 7 progressing investigators right now and 6 with baptismal dates. i believe one has a baptism date next saturday so we´ll see how that goes. the buses here are insane. The first time i rode one i was pretty sure i was going to die. They drive super fast and they dont wait for anybody, you pretty much have to run to get on. they also shove and cram people into the bus so you are squished wherever you can be stuffed. All in all it´s pretty fun though and ive gotten to be a pro at it… i think. we walk a lot everyday and at the end of the day im exhausted and just want to crawl into bed but i´m never too tired to get up the next morning fortunately. I´m having a good time. by the way they have papusas here!!! 

Elder Gorze



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