Week 8

All was pretty good this week, we are working on helping our investigators progress towards baptism and we have a few that will be baptized in January. Yesterday i had my first encounter with Bolos haha. they were super drunk and one was talking to me about how Jesus loves him even though he has dark skin and how it doesn´t matter what skin color we have, God loves us all. I told him he was right and then we both left laughing. the second guy came up to me and told me that it doesnt matter how rich we are, Jesus loves everyone. Apparantly i give off a signal that im rich… Oh well i guess ill just have to work my clothes in more so they dont look so fresh and bright. the 22 pound package was full of awesome stuff which we loved, what i loved even more was trying to hold that, my missionary stuff, and try not to die on the bus! it really wasnt that hard, just fun. Other than that the week was average. time is going by pretty fast and its Christmas in 4 days!! Wow it doesnt even feel like christmas.


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