Week 17

so this week an investigator called us and said that she really needs to talk to us so we said alright and set up an appointment. when we got there she straight up told us that she received an answer and that she wants to be baptized this saturday! we didnt even know what to … More Week 17

Week 16

So this week was pretty cool. There is a recent convert who was super sick, i dont know exactly what he had but he was in bad shape so he asked us for a blessing. we said okay and went to give it to him. He then asked me to give the blessing. At first … More Week 16

Week 15

Well i guess ill start off with the experience of the week. We were coming back from Naranjo Mall and we had to take a bus of course. I have never seen a bus so full. I literally only had one foot in the bus and both my arms were being used as i tried … More Week 15

Week 14

We are emailing late today because we went and visited some ruins here in Guatemala, they were pretty cool and ill send some pictures. We are hoping to have a few baptisms this month and we are gonna work hard to get them because its tough. We didnt have anything too exciting that we did … More Week 14

Week 13

Hey everything is going great over here. at first i was a little bit worried about the transfers because i had to be in charge of the area and all and i didnt know if i could do it. As soon as we started working i realized that i do know where everything is and … More Week 13