Week 19

so as far as transfers go we both are going to stay here in Tierra Nueva, we have been working super hard with the members and this transfer we are going to have at least 3 baptisms so we are looking forward to that. Two are on the 9th of april, they are 2 kids, a 14 year old and a 9 year old and they live with their grandma who wants them to be baptized so its pretty much a sure thing. The stake we are in is helping a ton with the work and we are able to find more and more people that are ready to receive the gospel. as for an interesting experience… We went to eat at an investigators house and we ate shrimp. i thought it was delicious but the stomach of my companion didnt. we left the house running so he could find a bathroom and we made it to the house but that was it, he couldnt take it so he lost a pair of garments haha oh well at least we had some good memories right?  yeah there are a ton of people that study in the university on sunday so that is making this time of year a little bit rough


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