Week 39

this week was pretty good. we are working hard to find as many families to baptize as we can. I feel a pretty big responsibility to help my District but it is going well. We havent had anything too crazy happen other than a few drunk encounters but it was pretty fun. we found a … More Week 39

Week 38

well yesterday we had a service project and we didnt finish all day. the service was good, we replaced the roof of a sister in our area and it went reallly well, just took about 9 hours haha.

Week 37

well things are going pretty good here. As a trainer and a district leader i have really felt a lot of responsibility and it has really helped me a lot. I realized that the lord doesnt call us when we are ready to fufill an assignment, the lord calls us and makes up for the … More Week 37

Week 36

his week was pretty good. We didnt have anything too exciting happen but this sunday was fast sunday and as we were listening to the tesitimonies i realized that our convert had gotten up on the stand and he started to bear his testimony. it was something that was simple but it was so powerful. … More Week 36

Week 35

This week was AWESOME! i was able to have 3 baptisms. 2 here in parroquia and 1 in my other area. the truth is that we are working super hard and eventhough we didnt have much to start with, we have found quite a few people that can be baptized. One of the baptisms we … More Week 35

Week 34

Well this week was pretty eventful. I have a convert in my other area that is going to get baptized this saturday. She didnt lack much when i left and Elder Vasquez told me how she got her answer to be baptized. One night she was dreaming that she was sitting there in her room … More Week 34

Week 33

okay well this week was pretty interesting. as we are opening an area we are realizing that it isnt too bad. We have found people that are ready to be baptized and they are all willing to make that covenant. I am trying to teach my comp but sometimes its hard when the desire isnt … More Week 33

Week 32

well my change was a little bit different than i was expecting haha. i am opening an area and training! i was super nervous at first because i had no idea how to do either of the 2 but the truth is that it´s really fun. As ive gained a bigger responsibility i have realized … More Week 32

Week 31

This week was awesome. I remember my first day in the field i didnt even know what i was doing. well when we went out to work The first person i taught was a young man named jefferson. Since that day i have worked with him, for six months and on saturday he was baptized! … More Week 31

Week 30

well this week was pretty good. We worked hard and we are looking to have another baptism this saturday. Lately we have been working pretty hard and it’s tiring but it feels good. There has been a ton of rain lately so i have gotten soaked, luckily not sick. It is always super hot during … More Week 30