Week 32

well my change was a little bit different than i was expecting haha. i am opening an area and training! i was super nervous at first because i had no idea how to do either of the 2 but the truth is that it´s really fun. As ive gained a bigger responsibility i have realized that i am learning more and more and i have gotten a lot better in my skills as a missionary. My comps name is elder O… well he is a pretty negative guy, he doesnt really want to be here and i am trying to help him but sometimes he just doesnt listen. im sure it will come with time. opening an area and training is kind of hard but i am enjoying the responsibility that i have over here in parroquia. the members are good but they dont help us so i gotta change that. It sounds like the last missionaries here were pretty lazy and didnt get along with the members so as you can tell, we got off on the right foot;) other than that it is pretty good over here,


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