Week 40

well this week id just like to share a fun experience. we were doing a service project in a members house and she said she wanted us to clear out a room…. well this room was filled with books, tools, computers, clothes, shoes, and anything else you can imagine and there was a ton of it. well the thing is that all of the stuff had been in there for years and nobody had touched that room so it was bound to have a bunch of creatures in there. well i had my first encounter when i picked up a computer that was hollow inside with a big hole in the screen… as i was taking it outside my comp just looked at me and screamed ¨fetch!¨i dropped the computer and out crawls a giant spider the size of my palm! i stompped on it and it still didnt die… we had to hit it with a shovel 3 times for it to die and we heard bones crunching. the other encounter was when we were lifting up a bunch of boxes filled with clothes. when one elder lifted it up, out runs a giant rat…well i didnt know what to do so i kicked the thing and it died when it hit the wall haha. that was pretty much my experience of the week… guatemala is definitely helping me get rid of my fear of creatures… 


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