Week 46

This week was great! We have a family that we have been working with for about 3 weeks and every time we invited them to come to church, they say no or ´´we´ll see´´ and never show up. well we had a lesson this past thursday that was super spiritual and we saw that they really felt the spirit. they are a family of 5 (4 can be baptized) and they are having a few problems in their family because the father drinks sometimes and one day he went over the top and realized what a problem it is. We taught about the atonement and he had tears in his eyes when he realized that he really can change, and that he can have an eternal family if he changes and keeps the commandments. well after this lesson they said they were going to go to church. we were so happy and on sunday we were waiting at the door for them to come. when the meeting was about to start and when we were getting a little worried is when they all showed up! it was such a huge miracle and we really saw the blessings that come through prayer, fasting, and obedience. We couldnt take the smiles off of our faces when we saw them walk into the door, it was an amazing experience and it will be the first full family that i will baptize in my whole mission!


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