Week 53

This week couldn´t have been better. Our 2 investigators were able to be baptized and it was such a spiritual experience. A lot of people arrived at the baptism and the best part was when they had been baptized, they both shared their testimony. One of them is named Sylvia and in her testimony she shared how she has a bone problem and cannot shower with cold water because it is really painful and harms her. In the baptismal font, there is no heater and we had no other option so we told her to have faith and thats what she did. she said that before the baptism she had a really bad headache and didnt know how she was going to deal with the cold water but she did it. In her testimony she said that as soon as she was baptized, she felt 100 percent better, she didnt have a headache and she didnt feel any pain whatsoever. She then invited all that were there to come unto christ and for those who werent baptized to pray and try to receive that answer that she had received so strongly. I felt the spirit so strongly and im so grateful that we were able to find her and help her to receive these sacrad ordinances.


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