Week 56

This week was both good and bad. The good parts were 1. we had 15 investigators go to church again! 2. we were able to see a really great miracle with a contact we had had. We went to knock on the door because he had told us to go back another day. When we got there he told us that he was busy but that his sister could talk to us. We said it would be okay and so she came outside and we talked with her about the Book of Mormon. she expressed to us that she had always had interest in learning about the church and that she doesnt go to any church. she is super interested and told us that she is going to read the BoM and go to church next sunday. We are seeing many miracles and are hoping to have many baptisms in December. The bad part is that elder Caal left. He is really a good missionary and we were all getting along really well and having a lot of success. We will miss him a lot but know that he will do good things in Peru. Elder Gomez is a great missionary as well. he has all the desire to learn and work and so we are going to give it our all this transfer


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