Week 57

This week we had quite a bit of success again. We were able to have 12 investigators go to church so we were pretty happy about that. We also visited a family that accepted a baptismal date for the 24th of December. it is a mother and her 2 kids and we are very excited … More Week 57

Week 56

This week was both good and bad. The good parts were 1. we had 15 investigators go to church again! 2. we were able to see a really great miracle with a contact we had had. We went to knock on the door because he had told us to go back another day. When we … More Week 56

Week 55

We had quite a great week this week. we were able to have the blessing of 15 investigators in church!!! It was such a huge miracle and honestly the thing that helped us is work with families. Its not always easy to get a whole family to listen to us and its a lot harder … More Week 55

Week 54

We had a pretty good week this week. We were thinking on saturday night who else we could take to church and we thought about a family that we had found. They didnt commit to go to church but we called them and they said we could pass by on sunday to see if they … More Week 54

Week 53

This week couldnĀ“t have been better. Our 2 investigators were able to be baptized and it was such a spiritual experience. A lot of people arrived at the baptism and the best part was when they had been baptized, they both shared their testimony. One of them is named Sylvia and in her testimony she … More Week 53

Week 52

We had a pretty good week this week. We have had quite a bit of success and are preparing a lot of baptisms for november. This week we had a good spiritual experience. We were contacting and we decided that in every contact we were going to ask for a referral. It honestly wasnt going … More Week 52

Week 51

This week went pretty well. We had 11 investigators go to church and we were really happy about that. We saw another miracle this week when found out that the niece of an ex missionary was waiting for her aunt to get home before she got baptized and she is 9years old. her aunt got … More Week 51

Week 50

We were able to have 10 investigators go to church this week and all of them have baptismal dates! We are also doing well with the family we are preparing for baptism and we are hoping that they will get baptized this month. We had a huge miracle happen to us this week. We were … More Week 50

Week 49

It was a great week. The talks in general conference were just what i needed to hear and i along with everyone else received answers to my questions! This week we had a great spiritual experience. We are working with a family and they have baptismal dates. they had gone to church one time but … More Week 49

Week 48

We had a fantastic week this week… well part of it. On tuesday i got super sick and we couldnt go out and work for a couple days. Then Elder Sinto got sick and we couldnt work for another day so we were only able to work for a couple days. The good part is … More Week 48